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Joining Stamford Law Practice – Martin LLP

Hello blog readers. Time to publicly announce my next stop on the professional journey, hopefully a long and fruitful one:

I am joining Martin LLP as a partner in their corporate practice.

Located in Stamford, CT, Martin is a bit of an anomaly in the legal field – so I may fit right in – as a smaller firm, headquartered outside of New York City, yet with a strong and sophisticated client base. As they say on their website (, Martin represents a wide spectrum of clients in the corporate arena, including growth companies, start-up companies, private equity, venture capital and other investment firms, families and individuals. They also have tax, ERISA, real estate and litigation attorneys to round out their practice.

Although I am not officially transferring my practice for a full four weeks ahead, on April 22, 2014, I expect that my blog posts here may be winding down as I wrap up, ramp up and continue to serve clients in the meantime. Feel free to contact me for more information, and I will post my new address, phone and email here once it is available. Thanks again for your support as readers, clients and friends!

-Anne Marie


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