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Here are some of my recent recommendations and testimonials. Please contact me if you would like additional references or visit my LinkedIn page. Thanks!


Anne Marie Segal provided a powerful presentation to The Women’s Networking Group of Fairfield County. She spoke on the topic of Beyond Branding: Creating a Compelling Value Proposition and provided an insightful and inspiring interactive workshop. Drawing from the audience, Anne Marie used personal examples to show the power of a compelling value statement to make the group better understand this critical element of branding and business so that the attendees learned a more effective way to articulate their personal strengths. Her communication with our group was friendly, highly engaging, and clear; I strongly recommend Anne Marie as a speaker to any group that is interested in business development.

Sally Cordovano, Director of Business Development, W by Worth

I worked with Anne Marie last year when I was conducting a job search, and the guidance and support I received from Anne Marie was invaluable. I was able to secure a number of meetings with high-level executives in my field. She has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this area and I was really impressed by her professionalism and thoughtfulness. She packs so much into each session, making her services a great value for the investment. I have since recommended Anne Marie to many colleagues and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Kristin B., EVP at Non-Profit Organization

Anne Marie’s assistance in creating a new resume and LinkedIn profile were invaluable. She displayed a genuine interest in my career, helped identify and succinctly articulate key accomplishments and competencies as well as professional goals. Although I had considered engaging a professional to revise my resume before, I was extremely hesitant. Now I am sure that I made the right decision in selecting Anne Marie. 

Marilyn Zelin, Program Director and Attorney

I started a new job this week—due in large part, I think, to the success that I had in sending out my resume after your incredible help with it.

I cannot overstate my gratitude.

– Law Firm Associate, Massachusetts

Anne Marie’s impact on my resume was swift and effective – although I had got a lot of the content I didn’t know how best to organise and present the information to get it across to hiring managers and recruiters in ways that caught the eye. I was very grateful for the assistance and got back into the job market more quickly as a result!

 Martin O’Connell, Change Leader/Program Director

Anne Marie is not only knowledgeable about career development and growth, but she is passionate about it as well. Anne Marie has been extremely diligent in helping me to remain focused on the steps necessary to attain my career goals, and assisting me to navigate through some of the more challenging issues. Her advice has been both practical and specific to my unique needs.  

– Victoria Zerjav, Law Firm Partner

Anne Marie’s coaching was exactly what I needed to help myself focus on a new chapter in my career. Her ideas got me thinking creatively and her encouragement gave me the strength to take action. 

I am so thankful to Anne Marie. I have truly benefited from her advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering a career change or just wants to take their career to the next level. 

– Katrina Allen, Communications Consultant

I first met Anne Marie when I decided to start my own law firm in 2012. Since that time she has been my advocate, both privately and publicly, and for this reason I highly recommend Anne Marie as a Business and Executive Coach. She is an active listener, honest, straightforward and intuitive. Her mind works quickly and she is able to provide the focus and support a business, entrepreneur or executive needs. One of the things I like most about Anne Marie is that she is very responsive, follows through on her commitments and is a selfless advocate of others. If you have the opportunity to work with her, jump on it!  

– Katerina Mantzouranis Duarte, Of Counsel, former Solo Law Firm Principal

I’m happy to recommend Anne Marie as a career coach/resume writer. I first spoke with her about my career ambitions in late January. By March I was interviewing for a company I wanted to work for in the field I wanted to specialize in and the location I wanted to live.

I have no doubt that the quick turnaround was a result of her excellent resume writing and job coaching skills. Anne Marie does a thorough intake of the scope of our current and past positions, framing them in advantageous ways I wouldn’t have considered on my own. Finally, as an attorney looking for legal work, it was great to have someone familiar with the field and related industries helping me out.

I’m definitely satisfied with the quality of work and attention I received and happy where I ended up as a result of her coaching.

– Elizabeth Weeks, Attorney at Amazon

Anne Marie single-handedly improved my professional trajectory while re-inventing the way I communicated my accomplishments to the world. Most importantly, she provided empowering space in which I could better comprehend my unique past challenges, successes, and absolute future possibilities. Her approach is one of active listening and inquiry, culminating in superior work product and a much needed confidence boost. She is compassionate, empathetic, and truly cares about her clients and their desired outcomes. Also, it warms my heart that she speaks perfect Spanish! 

– Teresa M. Rodriguez, Hearing Officer and Attorney

Anne Marie Segal was an invaluable resource in my last job search. She helped me transition my career back into law when I had not been practicing. Most importantly, Anne Marie was extremely honest and realistic on what my options were. I know that it was her help with coaching as well as resumes and cover letters that helped me land my current position.

– Danit Sibovits, Law Firm Attorney and former Non-Profit Executive

Anne Marie was extremely helpful in revising my resume to make it stronger and more effective. She was honest and extremely insightful in her recommendations, and she provided some valuable advice in developing my career. I would strongly recommend her services as a career coach and resume writer.

– Harry K. Singletary, III, e-Discovery Attorney

Anne Marie Segal is the real deal; she’s a coach who became my trusted advisor. Her advice and guidance, and no-nonsense approach, would allow me to recommend her without hesitation to anybody seeking a straight-shooter who offers invaluable insights and suggestions. Her results-oriented approach held me accountable, pushing me to take concrete steps to meet my goals.

I’d turn to her in a heartbeat again.  

– Michael Handel, Sales Manager

Everything looks amazing! I truly could not have done this without you. Thank you so very much for all you have done. You are a master of your craft for sure!

– “Back to Work” Mom and Job Candidate, Virginia

Anne Marie, you did an amazing job!

– Accounting and Compliance Professional, New Jersey

I met Anne Marie at a networking event and within a few minutes of speaking with her about my current job search and giving her my background, she was offering helpful advice. I followed up with her later for a more in-depth talk and she really helped me to focus on my strengths and where best to direct my efforts. Her constructive comments on my resume were also appreciated, as were her suggestions on how best to network. She is very thoughtful and understanding in her approach. While we have not worked together long, her clear knowledge of the search process, coupled with her encouragement, has already had an impact. 

– Trish Verrochi, Marketing Manager

I highly recommend Anne Marie Segal as an Executive Coach. I worked with her for a number of months and found her to be both supportive and insightful. Her advice was both thoughtful and specific and she is very detail oriented while still being able to see the big picture.  

– Eileen Kleban, Attorney

Anne Marie is an excellent coach. She is a careful listener, and tailored her sessions to my needs. I was an attorney for 13 years, and am now a stay at home mom. I went into our work together with a variety of ideas about how to move forward with my career and interests.

Our sessions went through two tracks. For one track, we discussed my aspirations, ideas, and dreams. For the second track, Anne Marie provided concrete tips and practical advice for moving forward. Both of these tracks were vital for me to figure out both what I wanted to do and how to go about doing it. As an added bonus, she was flexible and helpful with scheduling (a must for a twin toddler mom!).

I gained a great deal from my sessions with Anne Marie, and couldn’t recommend her more highly.  

– Elise Feldman, Attorney

The time with Anne Marie was the most productive in years! Anne Marie gives sound advice, expert social media coaching, clear direction, homework (yes, I said homework, but the good kind) and the ability to make my own decisions with her support. She has a gift for being able to understand creative endeavors within the business world.

I feel genuinely confident to move forward with my career with Anne Marie’s coaching! 

– Whitney Stewart, Chef and Entrepreneur

Anne Marie is insightful and motivating, and a tremendous professional coach whether for job transitions or for marketing. While her skills span across multiple disciplines, she has particular insights into the legal market and its challenges and opportunities.  

– Gloria Skigen, Law Firm Partner

Anne Marie works very closely with her clients to ensure that she understands their needs and requirements and then brings a wealth of personal and professional experience and insights to her clients. She is the ideal coach for individuals that are looking to explore different careers and opportunities.  

– Gary Jacobi, CEO

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