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The official roll-out date for our first course was August 6, 2019.


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Years ago, you could put your head down, work hard and expect to be promoted. You chose a company and, with some luck, could stay there and make a career out of it.

In the modern world, you need to actively work on your career and keep making relevant connections, or you may be passed up for opportunities or find that you are out of touch with the pace of the market.

Powerful LinkedIn Profiles for Executives and Attorneys will help you: 

  • increase your marketability,
  • build your credibility, and 
  • make the right decisions for your own profile.

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Partnering with hundreds of executive coaching clients, I have witnessed a few key hurdles in any career. From junior employees to board candidates, these same hurdles (in different forms) present themselves at each stage of our journey.

A change of mindset is inevitably the first hurdle to cross. With renewed direction, energy and courage, we can meet and overcome the other hurdles.

The 30-Day Career Mindset Journey will facilitate the inner work to create a new mindset and more robust career led by your strengths, goals and values. 

Why Now?

Inertia is one of the most tempting yet destructive forces in our careers.

Why put in the effort now when we can put it off six months (which may become twelve months or even longer)? Shouldn’t we just try to make it work? Are we expecting too much?

Procrastination is often not simply putting things off. The temptation to avoid change stems from many powerful emotions, including a fear of the unknown and what consequences action will bring to ourselves and our relationships.

If you need to make a fundamental change to your current situation – move up, get out, pivot or the like – changing your mindset is the first step to transforming your career.

This 30-day course will facilitate the inner work to be ready to make outer changes in your professional life. With a more expansive and elastic mindset, you will be prepared for the opportunities, challenges and inevitable shocks of transformation to create a more robust, self-directed professional life.

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