Career Resources: COVID-19 / Coronavirus

COVID-19 has altered the career horizon in a way that was hardly foreseeable in early 2020. Here is a curated list of resources to help you navigate your professional trajectory during the coronavirus pandemic.

For links about the impact on and evolving roles for General Counsel, in-house counsel and others in the legal profession, please scroll down to Attorney-Specific Resources.

Note that this page was last updated in 2020 and may not reflect the current state of affairs.


Across the Privacy Sector: Strategic Leadership and the Coronavirus Pandemic,” Anne Marie Segal

Communicating through the Coronavirus Crisis,” Paul A. Argenti

Your Employee Tested Positive for COVID-19: What Do You Do?,” Alisa Cohn

Applying past leadership lessons to the coronavirus pandemic,” McKinsey & Company

A CEO Plan for Coronavirus: Actions to Take Now,” Bain & Company

Coronavirus: How to Be the Leader Your People Need Right Now,” Bain & Company


COVID-19: Job Market Insights & Job Search Strategies from Experts,” Austin Belcak

Networking is still important. Here’s how to do it while you’re stuck inside,” Andrew Seaman with Dorie Clark

Four ways to keep networking while social distancing,” Anne Fisher

How Dual-Career Couples Can Work Through the Coronavirus Crisis,” Jennifer Petriglieri

Career Stewardship: Five Ways to Invest in Your Career Right Now,” Next Step Partners, Rebecca Zucker

Finding your first job in the coronavirus economy: A career coach’s 5-step guide for recent grads,” Alexa Shoen

5 things you must do to have a successful job interview on video during the COVID-19 outbreak,” Blake Barnes

What it takes to run a great virtual meeting,” Bob Frisch and Cary Greene

Managing the Stress and Uncertainty of Coronavirus,” HBR Podcast with host Morra Aarons-Mele

Yoga Mantra: Let Your Eyes Close (Yes, Even Now),” Anne Marie Segal

COVID-19 Job Resources by State, as posted on


The Center for Creative Leadership Coronavirus Leadership Resources

BCG: Coronavirus and the New Leadership Agenda

COVID-19 HR Comms & Resources (crowdsourced)

Denton’s COVID-19 Legal Hub

Stanford Law School’s COVID-19 Memo Database


Association of Corporate Counsel: Covid-19 Resource Center

Top Ways GCs Are Adapting and Reacting to the Pandemic,” BarkerGilmore

What the coronavirus means for the legal economy and your attorney job search,” Harrison Barnes

The Covid-19 Coronavirus Threat: How Can U.S. In-House Counsel Respond?”

In-House Counsel Upended by Coronavirus,” InHouseBlog

As Coronavirus Brings C-Suite Austerity, Top Lawyers’ Pay Cut,” Bloomberg Law

MoFo COVID-19 Survey: General Counsel Confirm Significant Business Impact, Workload Increase, Shift in Priorities,” Morrison & Foerster

COVID-19 Will Turbocharge Legal Industry Transformation,” Mark A. Cohen

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