GC Interview Prep Workshops

Transform your interviewing skills by participating in a GC Interview Prep Workshop with Segal Coaching LLC.



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Who It is For

The GC Interview Prep Workshops are for Chief Legal Officers, General Counsel and attorneys in adjacent roles (such as Deputy or Associate General Counsel or Chief Compliance Officer) who are highly competitive for the CLO or GC spot. Preference will be given for candidates who currently interviewing or plan to interview in the next three months for a new role as a Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel (which may be among other roles they are seeking) at a public or private company, including any potential promotion to such role(s) at a current employer.

The workshop is offered on a selective basis and at the current time is only available to current and former clients of SC, long-standing colleagues or friends of Anne Marie Segal and referrals of either of the foregoing. Prospective participants will be matched up in the interests of (1) creating a supportive, diverse (in all respects other than choice of profession) and compatible group in terms of seniority, needs, goals and interests and (2) avoiding a situation in which one or more participants in the workshop are employed by or closely associated with organizations that are in the same family of companies (or the equivalent) or direct competitors of each other.

Participants will be required to sign confidentiality obligations and a prohibition on recording sessions, which are available for review before any final decision is made about whether to join the workshop.

Please contact Ms. Segal if you have any questions about participant selection.

When It Meets

The first two workshops (choose one) are scheduled for:

Wednesdays, September 7, 14 and 21

9:30-10:30 am ET / 8:30-9:30 am CT / 3:30 pm CET

Wednesdays, October 26 and November 2 and 9

11:45 am-1:00 pm ET / 10:45 am-12:00 pm CT / 8:45 am-10:00 am PT

Participants should also plan to schedule at least one small group sessions with one or more other participants to continue to practice their interviewing skills. Please be flexible and respectful when scheduling, especially with those who are other time zones.

Note that SC will provide light reading and other “homework” in advance of this program, some of which is for submission (but will not be shared with other participants without prior approval).

What We Will Cover

Among other topics, we will use this GC Interview Prep Checklist as a guide for our sessions. Master the Interview, by Anne Marie Segal, is also suggested reading.

What It Costs

The fee for this workshop for either September 2023 or October-November 2023 is $600, payable no later than September 1 or October 12, respectively.

Veterans who disclose their service in advance will be extended a 10% discount on all amounts.

For Further Information:

If you have questions about the GC Interview Prep Workshops or would like to apply, please contact Anne Marie Segal at asegal@segalcoaching.com.

Future Offerings:

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