General Counsel

To succeed as General Counsel,

you need to build relationships and move beyond the comfort zone of substantive legal skills to position yourself as a strategic member of the leadership team.

Career development and job search resources for General Counsel:

Eight Core Qualities of Successful General Counsel and How to Achieve Them,” Segal Coaching LLC Website, Anne Marie Segal.

So You Want to Be General Counsel? How to Maximize Your Chances,” ACC Docket, David M. Love III, Mark Roellig. (note that since this article was published, privacy and cybersecurity are on the rise as top skill sets)

Do Lawyers Make Better CEO’s than MBAs?,” Harvard Business Review, by M. Todd Henderson

The General Counsel as Senior Leader: More than “Just a Lawyer,” Korn Ferry Institute, John Amer.

What GCs and CCOs Can Learn from Each Other,” Thomson Reuters, Thomas Kim.

An Open Letter to GCs and Law Firms,” ACC Docket, Daniel Desjardins.

General Counsel: Guardian and Conscience of the Company,” Forbes, Mark A. Cohen.

The Rise of the General Counsel,” Harvard Business Review, Ben W. Heineman, Jr.

General Counsel’s New Role: Business Strategist,” Forbes, Brian Jones.

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Years ago, you could put your head down, work hard and expect to be promoted. You chose a company and, with some luck, could stay there and make a career out of it.

In the modern world, you need to actively work on your career and keep making relevant connections, or you may be passed up for opportunities or find that you are out of touch with the pace of the market.

The goals of Powerful LinkedIn Profiles for Executives and Attorneys are to:

  • make learning the structure, substance and nuance of LinkedIn as painless as possible,
  • give you the tools to promote yourself as a differentiated, compelling candidate and leader who should be hired, promoted and compensated accordingly, and
  • help you take ownership of your own career.

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