The Recap and Future Events: LinkedIn Professional Photography Sessions with Alejandro Barragan

Clients and friends are always asking me which photographer I recommend for an amazing LinkedIn headshot. Alejandro Barragan IV, the one who works with me, of course!

Even the best “selfie” or shot by a friend cannot compare to a professional headshot by a photographer who knows his craft and is in synch with what is needed for LinkedIn headshots or the range of formats for other venues and audiences.

Compare my selfie below (left, without retouching) to the professional headshot (right) by Alejandro. Often, when we take shots of ourselves or have friends working with us, we are not focused on design elements, wardrobe, light/shadow, color and other aspects that make a good shot great. We may not even know what to look for.

As amateurs, we lack not only professional equipment but also the vision that comes with training, experience and an expert eye.

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Photo Event at Segal Coaching LLC

On May 2, 2019, I collaborated with Alejandro to offer our first special one-day photo shoot to my clients and others who wanted (or needed!) a new LinkedIn and/or other corporate photo.

Alejandro is the consummate professional and a very engaging presence who puts you at ease in the session with an approachable personality and clear instructions.. He essentially brought a studio to my offices in Stamford, CT and set up in a conference room for the day, and we went to work.

Here are some shots of the day. More to come as they are available!

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Those who participated in the event were excited about the opportunity to have world-class headshots in a convenient location. Alejandro offered a choice of a dark blue or grey background, and his expert lighting set-up (see headshot of me in the slideshow above) produces a three-dimensional image that really pops!

Alejandro is a one-stop shop with incredible range. He has more background colors available and can capture a range of moods. Future participants can reserve ahead and elect either serious headshots to something more light-hearted and even reserve beyond the 20-minute slot (e.g., a double reservation) if they want to step outside the studio for some action and natural light.

With studios in New York City and Brooklyn, NY and an international travel schedule,  Alejandro has more than 20 years of experience in portraiture photography and has shot similar corporate LinkedIn headshot events for 100 Women in Finance and other organizations. His extended biography and range are also quite impressive (click here).

We gave participants wardrobe suggestions ahead of time, and a few brought more than five outfits that we helped them narrow down their to one or two best choices. Then, during the shot, Alejandro gave expert instructions to elicit their best looks.

We also circulated Laura Palo’s Make-Up Tips for LinkedIn, and I was able to extend a discounted rate to participants who wanted hair and/or make-up done at my nearby salon, La Jolie.

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect how you present yourself – on your best day in your most important professional interactions.

Professional photographers also suggest getting a new headshot every 2-3 years or when your look significantly changes to reflect your evolving personal brand. You can also get them more often if you would like to experiment with a range of looks and build out your brand for media or other purposes.

Future Events

Alejandro and I are planning to offer another day of photo sessions this Fall 2019, with details to be determined closer to the date.

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Professional headshot of Anne Marie Segal: Copyright 2018 Alejandro Barragan. All rights reserved.

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