Do You Need a New Headshot? LinkedIn Photography Sessions in Stamford, CT

Clients and friends are always asking me which photographer I recommend for a good LinkedIn headshot. Alejandro Barragan IV, the one who works with me, of course!

I am collaborating with Alejandro to bring you a special one-day photo shoot at my offices in Stamford, CT. If you need a fresh look, read on and register ASAP!

Catch and keep the attention of hiring managers, recruiters, connections and clients with a clean, compelling, welcoming and updated LinkedIn headshot. 

Is your LinkedIn headshot too retro for anyone to recognize you?

Is “bad hairday” an understatement?

Does the thought of your photo make you cringe?


Why do good people tolerate bad headshots? 

A subpar headshot is one of the most significant detractors to a successful online job search, client pitch or media campaign. Among other things, it:

  • Reduces your credibility 
  • Turns off potential connections
  • Lowers your confidence

Open doors for yourself with a great headshot. What’s stopping you?

Is the thought of finding and hiring a photographer and getting a new headshot more than you can handle right now?Portrait of a young african american business woman making a pro

A professional headshot is a critical part of creating a compelling LinkedIn profile. Let’s make it easy!

Segal Coaching LLC invites clients and other professionals to join us for photography sessions with Alejandro Barragan IV on Thursday, May 2, 2019.

Alejandro, who maintains studios in New York City and Brooklyn, NY,  has more than 20 years of experience in portraiture photography and has shot similar corporate-oriented LinkedIn headshot events for 100 Women in Finance and other organizations. His extended biography and range are also quite impressive (click here).

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect how you present yourself – on your best day – in important professional interactions.

Professional photographers suggest getting a new headshot every 2-3 years to reflect your evolving personal brand. 

If you would like to register for this event, please read the further information below and then complete the registration form and payment link (click on Pay with PayPal).

If you have any questions, please email Segal Coaching LLC at

Because Alejandro’s events generally sell out quickly, please sign up ASAP if you wish to be assured a spot.

Please choose your preferred start time window(s). You will receive confirmation of your two-hour window within 48-72 hours and your specific start time within 1-2 weeks of your registration, if not sooner.






This will be an all-day session, and participants will be allocated 20-minute sessions at or around their scheduled times. You have an option to elect preferred start times among 9-11 am, 11 am -1 pm, 1-3 pm or 3-5 pm.

Confirmation of your two-hour window will be emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours of your registration and payment, and your actual start time will be confirmed by email within 1-2 weeks. Family members or friends who wish to be grouped together can make such request in their submission form.

What’s Included and Next Steps

Photographer Alejandro Barragan will take several shots. You will have the opportunity to review the photos during the session and take a few more if necessary.

The photos taken will be sent to you directly from Alejandro via his website, You will have one week from receiving the images to select 2-3 shots that you would like to use. 

You will then receive two versions of each image selected:

PRINT: 300 dpi high resolution file for print

WEB: 72 dpi standard resolution file for online use

Email Alejandro at and provide him with the reference numbers of the photos you have selected, and he will do adjustments to make them look “finished.”  He will then send you web-ready photos, or you may request to have prints made (separate charge) through


Finished images include only file adjustments.

If you would like your image retouched, the cost starts at $25 for basic work (e.g., hair) per full-size printable image. Alejandro suggests that you keep your image as natural as possible, and he uses many available techniques to do that. Post-production work will take place only if you contact Alejandro and discuss what you would like to have retouched and the price is established. All retouched photos are re-sized to meet the needs of both printing and online social media sites.

*Current clients will receive retouching for one image compliments of Segal Coaching LLC.

Retouching Options:

Basic: $25.00 per image (e.g. fix any hair static)

Complete Digital Retouch: $48.00 

The Complete Digital Retouch can be elected to fix hair and other specific elements such as necklines and eye circles. Here is the link for more information about retouching services:

Additional Images (Optional)

If you would like more than three images in print and web-ready versions, there is a $3.00 charge per extra image to cover processing costs.

What to Wear

For Alejandro’s suggestions about what to wear and how to prepare, please click on the link below:


Sessions will be held at Segal Coaching LLC (location and parking instructions here).

Please note that our offices are on the 4th Floor of Building 6 in the Landmark Square Plaza (not Building 4). 

A separate conference room will also be available as a waiting and prep area (in addition to private restroom), and we will have light snacks and refreshments.


The photographer owns rights to his work, but any shot can be used for LinkedIn, Facebook, on-line directories, blogs, personal or corporate websites, speaking engagements and similar self-promotion.

For other uses, such as a book or corporate brochure, please contact Alejandro directly to arrange the appropriate fee and photo credit.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that if you sign up for the event and then need to cancel, you must either find a replacement or forfeit the fee, unless we have another individual on the waitlist who can take your place. Segal Coaching LLC has engaged the photographer and covered his expenses for the day. We do not have the flexibility to fill vacancies other than from a current waitlist.


If you are not available on May 2, 2019 but would like to be notified of future events, or if the registration window has closed and you would like to be put on the waitlist, you may sign up below.



Please direct any questions to

For location, driving or parking instructions, please click here or contact our office reception at 203-359-5600 (Jenna or Jamie) during business hours (8:30 am-5:00 pm).

Images above: Adobe Images.