Master the Interview:
A Guide for Working Professionals

Answer the Most Important Interview Question:
Why Should I Hire You?

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This book is one of the best job search books today. 
-Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies

It’s about time that someone took the time to go DEEP into the mechanics of effective interviewing.
-Michael Melcher, author of The Creative Lawyer

No job seeker should begin interviewing without this invaluable resource!
-Hayley C., Attorney

It’s a really terrific and practical book that helps people think about themselves in an organized and disciplined way while prepping for an interview.
-Lisa Maguire, Financial Services Professional

I highly recommend this book.
-Dan Hoeyer, President of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square

Master the Interview by Anne Marie Segal is packed with practical information and guidance to help you get results in your interviews, whether your interview is tomorrow or not yet scheduled.

From networking and creating a value proposition to answering tough questions and evaluating offers, the insider accounts, expert advice and workbook exercises in Master the Interview will help you decode the interview process and demonstrate to your target employers that you are the one to hire.

What’s different about this book than all the other job interview books out there? Here are four top ways this book is unique:

1) It’s a workbook, so you can get your own thoughts down on the page, guided by expert advice.

2) It is comprehensive, from networking and informational interviews to negotiations and noncompete agreements.

3) It helps you think like an interviewer, not just run through a list of potential Q&A.

4) It includes four chapters on building your “value proposition” – from the ground-up to a tailored version for each target employer.

Excerpts from the book:

What Your Interviewer Really Wants to Know

Get It Together: Organizing Your Job Search Leads

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Topics in this more than 200-page book include:

Be Ready for an Interview Any Day
What Your Interviewer Really Wants to Know
The Job Seeker’s Dilemma
The Hidden Job Market
Your Game Plan for the Interview
Your Strategy to Get Hired
What’s Your Edge?
Hiring Criteria
Show You are a “Fit”
The Weaknesses Question
Walk Me Through Your Resume
Tell Me About Yourself
Speak to Your Future, Not Your Past
Overcome Interview Blocks
Address Special Considerations
Interviewer Personalities
The Waiting Game
Noncompetition Agreements
Multiple Offers and Counteroffers
Close the Deal