PCC Certification / ICF Log

Happy Day!


December 9, 2022 is indeed a happy day!

On this day, Anne Marie Segal submitted her application for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification with the International Coaching Federation. Her journey may have been longer than most, as she was in no hurry to get there (until the end, when one cannot help but hurry a bit). We are excited the day has come! 

In the course of this endeavor, we have realized how many people (including aspiring and current coaches, but also others) want to know more about the process and the path to becoming a Professional Certified Coach.

From having her first “pro bono” client in late 2014 to the date she applied for the PCC, here’s a timeline.

Note that you can apply for ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level first or directly for the PCC. Given Anne Marie’s accumulated coaching hours, education and other factors, she decided to apply directly for the PCC.

Anne Marie’s Coaching & PCC Milestones (past, present and future):

December 2014 – “shadowed” fellow coach Donna Sweidan and took first pro bono coaching client (while partner at a law firm)

January 27, 2015started first 30-hour coaching certification course with The Academies

March/April 2015 – left the practice of law and launched Segal Coaching

May 29, 2015 – became a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC)

April 5, 2016 – completed Advanced Job Search coaching course with ILCT

August 17, 2017 – completed a leadership coaching course at Harvard

2017-2022 – did even more coaching of clients (over five years), in addition to writing, facilitating, speaking, etc.

August 2022 – had an aha moment! (“This is within reach. Let’s do it!”)

August 27, 2022 – joined the ICF

Fall 2022 – took wellness and resilience coaching courses with the ILCT, among others

November 3, 2022 – completed 125-hour education requirement for PCC

December 6, 2022 – completed coach mentoring hours (10+ mentoring hours needed)

December 6, 2022 – completed two audio recordings that meet the PCC markers (fingers crossed!) (a.k.a., performance evaluations) and commissioned verbatim, time-stamped transcripts for their submissions

December 9, 2022 – received final client consents to complete 500-hour coaching log

December 9, 2022 – submitted the ICF application for the PCC

Indeterminate date soon – will take the PCC exam

Spring 2023PCC expected (20-22 weeks after submission)

Why Go for the PCC?

It’s an entirely legitimate question! After nearly eight happy years of coaching without the certification, why bother to get it now?

At this point, Anne Marie was motivated to obtain her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) for four main reasons:

  • Gaining the overall benefits of “leveling up” (more education, insights, structure, etc.) and improving my coaching as a result
  • Becoming a credentialed (full) member of the ICF community
  • Opening up additional opportunities to engage with (and potentially teach at) organizations and institutions that may value the PCC credential
  • Clearing the path to teach and mentor newer coaches and executives who wish to coach their teams, mentees and direct reports

MCC Certification (next step)

Why not?

Anne Marie is continuing to accrue coaching hours and the consents to include them on her log. 2,500 hours* are needed for the highest certification of Master Certified Coach (MCC). Again, she is not in any hurry to get there; it’s the journey that matters.

*To qualify as a “coaching hour,” Anne Marie must have a client’s consent to include the hour(s) on her official ICF coaching log.

Clients: Would You Like to Consent?

Starting in August 2022, we started contacting a portion of Anne Marie’s 300+ coaching clients to request consent to be included on the ICF log, but we have not contacted everyone. We are very grateful to the 100+ clients who have already responded and have gotten us to the finish line for the PCC and beyond (ranging from one to approximately 40 hours of coaching per client).

Note: It’s an incredibly painstaking effort to recreate all of the relevant data points at a later date, so if you are in coach training or starting as a coach, we suggest you don’t delay getting this done, especially now that the ICF has changed its disclosure rules regarding client names! (You still may be audited to confirm your coaching hours, but now you contact your clients directly to request they get in touch with ICF to confirm your hours. You no longer need to disclose client names to apply for the PCC.)

If Anne Marie has been your coach, and you would like to give consent to be included on her coaching log, you can complete the form below. Your name will be stored on her internal ICF log but will not be disclosed beyond Segal Coaching LLC. Note that clients who started working with us in August 2022 or later have already had the opportunity to consent in their contract with us.

Thank you in advance!

Note: If you do not agree to have personal information being stored by Segal Coaching LLC or are under the age of 18, please do not submit this form.

For a copy of Segal Coaching LLC’s privacy policy, click here.



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