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Each coaching program is client-directed based on individual goals and needs, and each resume is customized based on an in-depth interview with the client and follow-up as appropriate. 

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​Career, Business or Leadership Coaching is specifically designed to Client’s evolving needs.

Topics may include career exploration/change, workplace strategies, job search, networking, interview preparation, value proposition development, personal branding, business planning, marketing, business development, negotiation and/or leadership strategies at Client’s election and may be redirected over the course of the engagement. 

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Coaching programs include preparation and supportive research to facilitate exploration, discernment and achievement of intended results. Please email me at for more information.

​In some cases, Clients may prefer longer sessions (e.g., 3-hour intensive) or shorter sessions (e.g., 1/2 hour each week in follow-up job search phase), which may be arranged to meet individual needs. In addition, during the course of an engagement, at Client’s request and as mutually agreed, coaching time may be converted to use on projects below and/or review, revision or drafting of other Client documents, including professional email correspondence.



Business Writing and Editing includes professional or business writing and/or editing as agreed with Client and may include drafting or revisions of Client email correspondence upon request. Expedited deadlines must be clearly communicated and agreed in advance.

Complete Executive Resume includes a resume interview session (90 minutes) with a “deep-dive” discussion of Client’s career vision, employment targets, marketing strategy for resume, professional history, accomplishments and any experience, skill or leadership gaps that may need to be addressed (in resume and interview context), complete drafting of resume, all related research deemed necessary, email correspondence, follow-up session (30 minutes) and revisions as needed.  Client is requested to provide 3-5 target job descriptions (if applicable) with relevant keywords, to be further discussed in the introductory session. Note: see “Complete CV” for longer resume formats.

Complete CV includes all of above with additional Client contact and drafting/revision time as needed to create and format a CV or longer-form resume, including public speaking engagements, publications, inventions and/or other relevant information. Note: some resumes are a hybrid length between an Executive Resume and CV.

Second Resume includes revisions to Client’s resume (drafted by SC) to target a different set of roles, which may range from well-thought changes to the summary, most recent role and select other entries to an entire overhaul of the form and substance of the resume. 

Complete Junior Resume includes a shorter resume interview session (60 minutes) but is otherwise equivalent to the Complete Executive Resume above, geared toward candidates with three years or less professional experience. (not currently offered to new clients)

Complete LinkedIn includes review and redrafting of Client’s entire LinkedIn profile (all relevant fields), delivery of a Word document with suggested changes and revisions as needed for Client to complete profile. (extensive LinkedIn training available separately upon request

LinkedIn Summary includes review of Client’s LinkedIn profile, top 5-10 suggestions for improvement, three or more suggested changes to headline (if applicable), discussion of various “philosophies” about approach to profile/bio, guidance on tone and approach and draft and revisions as needed to LinkedIn summary section. (offered upon request)

Executive Bio may be similar to Client’s LinkedIn profile or written in a different style, at Client’s option, and is a 300-400 word document capturing Client’s value proposition.

Targeted Cover Letter includes 15-20 minute discussion with Client (or equivalent email correspondence, if Client is time-pressed) regarding intended target and goals for the letter and drafting and revisions as needed.

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