PVP Coaching – Individual Sessions

Thank you for your interest in personal value proposition coaching with my forthcoming book, Know Yourself, Grow Your Career: The Personal Value Proposition Workbook. Below are details about individual coaching options.

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Personal value proposition coaching guides professionals to meet their career transition, advancement and business development goals.

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Your Strengths + Your Priorities + Market Needs = Your Personal Value Proposition

Six Sessions VIP Coaching (Essentials Package – click for details)

If you elect to devote six sessions to exploring, refining and communicating your value proposition, it is entirely doable. You will need to hit the ground running, however, as there is a lot to cover. Please make sure that you are committed and available to see it through. Here is an overview of our sessions together:

Session 1  – Units 1 and 2 (Roadmap and Self-Reflection)
Session 2 – Unit 2 (Review) and Unit 3 (Clarity and Professional Priorities)
Session 3 – Units 4 and 5 (Your Strengths)
Session 4 – Unit 6 (Understanding Market Needs) and Recap Units 1-5
Session 5 – Unit 7 (Your Value Proposition) and Unit 8 (Creating Your Own Market)
Session 6 – Unit 9 (Your Personal Brand) and Unit 10 (Your Elevator Pitch)

Ten Sessions VIP Coaching (Silver Suite – click for details)

If you are able to devote ten sessions to exploring, refining and enhancing your communications around your personal value proposition, we can spend more time on any part of the equation that needs extra attention. Here is a tentative schedule for our sessions together, which includes further diligence on and preparation for market needs (and how they match your strengths) and your elevator pitch or variations thereof.

Session 1  – Units 1 and 2 (Roadmap and Self-Reflection)

Session 2 – Unit 2 (Review, including the Meaningful Moments tracker)

Session 3 – Unit 3 (Clarity and Professional Priorities)

Session 4 – Units 4 and 5  (Skills and Talents)

Session 5 – Unit 6 (Understanding Market Needs) 

Session 5 – Unit 6 (Drilling Down Further and Prep for Informational Interviews)

Session 6 – Unit 7 (Your Value Proposition)

Session 7 – Unit 8 (Creating Your Own Market) and/or Unit 9 (Your Personal Brand)

Session 8 – Unit 9 (Your Personal Brand) and/or Unit 10 (Your Elevator Pitch)

Session 10 – Alternate Audiences for Your Elevator Pitch – Interviews, New Business, etc.

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