Coaching and writing support facilitates consistent, active and thoughtful stewardship across various stages of the modern career.

Rather than wishing to “be in the right place at the right time,” Segal Coaching clients  discover and create the right places and times for themselves.

Services include:

–  coaching for leadership development, executive presence and job or Board search, and

writing of resumes, LinkedIn® profiles and additional career documents,

for executives, attorneys and Board of Directors candidates

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Explore options to contemplate, investigate and elegantly structure a significant role change, advancement or evolution, pivot to an adjacent field or professional redirection.

Identify action steps for any contemplated change and assess impact the contemplated change(s) may have and any experience, leadership and other gaps to be filled.


Construct readiness mindset and prepare across professional and personal life for a significant increase in responsibilities – such as a private or public company C-Suite, General Counsel or Board role – or other fundamental career change.

Redesign and craft compelling resume(s), LinkedIn profile, personal value proposition and professional bios while strengthening networking, interview and job search strategies.

Organize time, energy and resources to accelerate the shift.


Launch and grow personal campaign for executive job search, Board search and/or internal candidacy for promotion or lateral move.

Assume new role and take active steps for a successful transition.


Create dedicated, on-going time to reflect an evolving career trajectory.

Prioritize and plan career-building activities with the greatest impact and returns, both personally and professionally, and opportunities for leadership, advancement and marketability.

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