Strategic Job Search Coaching

Through Strategic Job Search (SJS) coaching, Anne Marie Segal guides clients to focus and leverage their job search to accelerate finding and starting a new role that’s a great fit. 

How does it work?

Weekly meetings with alternating sessions of 45 minutes and 15 minutes.

For an eight-week SJS program, we will have alternating strategic sessions of 45 minutes and accountability sessions of 15 minutes each week for eight weeks. 

For a twelve-week SJS program, we will have alternating sessions of 45 minutes and 15 minutes each week for twelve weeks.

Any JSR package can be extended as needed and agreed.

Is it in person or virtual?

All sessions are virtual (phone or Skype) unless otherwise arranged.

What do we cover?

Each job search is different. In the SJS program, we will cover some or all of the following, at client’s request:

  • cultivation of your professional network,
  • identification of targets and connectors,
  • organization of leads,
  • informational interviewing,
  • job interview preparation, and
  • personal branding for job search.

To achieve success in your job search, networking and other proactive search activities – as opposed to simply sending out resumes to the “black hole” of online applications – should account for at least 80% of your search time. The SJS program is geared toward increasing your comfort level and effectiveness in a proactive search. 

What is the cost of the program?

The eight-week program (4 hours total) is at my Starter Coaching Package rate, and the twelve-week program (6 hours total) is at my Boost Coaching Package rate (click here for details). Each package may be extended as needed, for clients who face a more challenging search.

Who should sign up for the SJS program?

The SJS program is designed for clients who are in the midst of a job search or about to enter one, and new clients are welcome. Coaching topics will vary based on a client’s phase in job search, targets, transition goals and other individual needs.

If you have worked with me on coaching or resume writing within the past twelve (12) months – and commit to 3-4 sessions per month – you will receive a $100 discount on the SJS program.

The commitment is important to build momentum. I want you to be successful in your search.

Can we develop my personal value proposition as part of the SJS program?

We can devote one or two of our 45-minute sessions to developing a personal value proposition, which may be sufficient for some clients. Other clients, especially those in career transition, may wish to consider a more in-depth coaching program that is exclusively devoted to value proposition development.

Is resume or LinkedIn profile writing included?

No. The JSR program is a coaching program. While we may discuss and review your profile or resume as part of our conversations, writing career documents is a separate service. (Note: Writing and coaching services may be combined. Click here for details.)

Is there homework?

One or both of my books can support our sessions, depending on client needs.

These books (Master the Interview: A Guide for Working Professionals and Know Yourself, Grow Your Career: The Value Proposition Workbook) are both available on Amazon and through other booksellers.

Each of these books is a workbook that has exercises to complete, and clients will be expected to work on the exercises in order to take full advantage of the work that we are doing together. That said, there is no requirement to “turn in homework” at any specific session.

At a client’s request, other books may be recommended during the course of our work together.

What if I find a job before completing the program?

Congratulations! Any remaining coaching hours can be applied toward future career development coaching (within nine (9) months of your last session) or converted to career or business writing support.

How do I get started?

Please contact Anne Marie Segal here or via email or phone to request an introductory session to discuss the program.

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