Career Transition: The Full Package

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A successful career transition requires six major elements to come together:

  • Vision (career / life) and personal branding
  • Job search organization and optimization (of time, energy and resources)
  • Resume
  • LinkedIn / online presence
  • Interview preparation
  • Networking / communications / thought leadership

You may need help with one or more of these elements, or you may benefit from support in all of these areas. Details are available below the second image of a briefcase below.

The Full Package

Segal Coaching LLC offers three career Suites that encompass all six elements above of “The Full Package” of job search and career transition. These options are outlined below, and a full schedule of services is available through this link:

Foundation $1,950

Collaborative work – all drafting completed by client.

If you already have high writing aptitude and good communication skills and are willing and able to invest your own time and energy to vastly transform and improve your in-person and written presence, this economical option may be exactly what you need to raise your game.

In our work together, my goal will be to teach you how to take control of your personal value proposition, branding, executive presence, writing and other elements of your career to propel not only your next transition but your continued trajectory.


60-minute intake session to explore/assess your vision and career history and discern/prioritize key themes that will guide your resume transformation (homework: rewrite resume) 

Two thirty-minute follow-up sessions to review and discuss your successive drafts

Light mark-ups of four successive versions of your resume (original and three revisions)


30-minute overview session to discuss and determine best approach for drafting your headline, summary and title and description of most recent role (homework: revise portions of profile)

60-minute session to (1) review your revisions and (2) strategize about rest of profile


90-minute coaching session on job search optimization, networking and interview preparation

Essentials $2,900

All elements of “The Full Package – Foundation” plus three additional coaching hours for:

  • career visioning / redirection / personal branding,
  • extended interview prep, and/or
  • other career topics, at your option.

Platinum Plus $9,750

End-to-end drafting and support for all major areas of career transition.

If you want or need personalized, consistent and comprehensive support for your transition, this package may be the best fit. If you need support in some of these areas but not others, additional options are available.

Complete Executive Resume (including 120-minute intake session, follow-up as needed and all drafting revisions)

Complete LinkedIn Profile (including 45-minute intake session, follow-up as needed and all drafting and revisions)

20 additional hours of coaching and/or writing support devoted to the following or other career topics, at your option:

  • Career visioning
  • Personal branding
  • Interview preparation
  • Personalized networking, communications and thought leadership strategies

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Before you can make any real headway, you need (1) vision and clear direction for your career trajectory, as well as how it squares with your goals for your personal life and (2) a personal value proposition (what do you offer? why should they hire you?) and branding to match. For some people, this comes naturally, and for others it’s quite a struggle.


Many job candidates spent countless hours on their job search without having a plan or organizing their time and energy. Does this describe your current situation?

If you invest countless hours on activity but fail to see results, the solution is to create a personal system of organization (that works for you) and use proven techniques that are optimized for job search in the modern economy.


A stellar resume on its own will not get you a job, but failing to have a clear resume that communicates your strengths and accomplishments is a definite hindrance.

Rewriting and transforming your resume is also a process of redefining your goals, reconnecting with your professional history and refining your personal value.


LinkedIn is one of the most important job tools today. Having an optimized presence and knowing how to leverage LinkedIn is a key career skill in today’s economy across the vast majority of professions.

The most relevant areas of your profile are your headshot, headline, summary, job titles, most recent job description and skills sections. Beyond that, your profile should sound inviting yet professional, personal yet with wide appeal. Each candidate may choose a different balance in that regard based on personal preference, employer, profession, seniority and other factors. All benefit from targeted planning and execution of their profiles and activity on LinkedIn.

Profile optimization, as you may know, also includes keywords and other techniques that help propel your profile to the top of the list among connections, recruiters and hiring managers. 

At the same time, if you have an extended online presence, other sites and references should support and complement (not detract from or contradict) the information you post on LinkedIn.


If all other elements of your job search are in place, but you stumble in interviews, you are putting your career transition in jeopardy.

Ready, authentic and convincing answers to common questions, such as why you are leaving your current (or left your latest) job – without conveying negativity or hesitation – are critical elements to prepare. You will also want to communicate in a clear, compelling manner with a presence that matches your personal brand.


Both online and offline, knowing how to effectively reach out to new people and rekindle existing connections is also key. Gone are the days where you can take comfort in the old adage that the “cream rises to the top.” In this chaotic and interconnected world, your audience needs to know your value, and they will only appreciate what you can offer if you learn how to communicate it in a way that speaks to their hopes, goals and needs.

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