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Here is a sampling of testimonials Anne Marie has received. Please visit her LinkedIn page for more!

Anne Marie is an exceptionally talented coach and developer. She is an active listener, which makes her excellent at helping clients clarify and achieve their development objectives. After working with Anne Marie for a few months, she helped me rebrand myself, leading to my appointment on two high-impact boards. More importantly, as a connecter and capacity builder, Anne Marie graciously invited me to join a distinguished panel of speakers on an HNBA PODER25 program, which helped me expand my professional network twofold. Anne Marie is focused, disciplined, caring, and simply the best at what she does!

Rod Cotton, Board Member and C-Suite Leader, Roche Diagnostics

Excellent coach and thought partner, very effective workingacross all tenures, both up and coming talent wanting to charttheir path over the longer term and highly experiencedprofessionals making key decisions. Knowledgeable, experienced and well connected.

– Lucy M. Lopez, Deputy General Counsel, McKinsey & Company

I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Anne Marie on HNBA’s PODER25 program. She has done terrific work and is extremely well-regarded by the group as a whole. Anne Marie is thoughtful, organized, proactive and cares deeply about doing good work. I have enjoyed our partnership and see how much the program has grown as a result of Anne Marie’s leadership. She is a star!

– Heather Fine, Partner, Major, Lindsey & Africa

Aside from a stint in the military, I had spent my entire career at one institution. While not unhappy, I nevertheless had a sense that it was time to try something new. As I struggled through the questions swirling around in my mind (do I change careers, change positions, or change the construct of my current role; if “yes” what, where and how?) Anne Marie’s counsel was invaluable.

Michael Vellucci, Managing Director, Macquarie Group

I can wholeheartedly endorse Anne Marie and her services. She was thorough and thoughtful, and did a great job for me.

Scott A. Dyche, General Counsel

Both [the resume and LinkedIn] look fantastic. Really pulls it all together nicely.

C-Suite Candidate and Area General Counsel

Anne Marie is a smart and insightful career coach. She was a great sounding board as I contemplated a career switch. She helped me think through the right steps to take in a way that was both practical and encouraging. Her last book, “Master the Interview” was very helpful when I was looking for a new job. I am looking forward to reading her new book “Know Yourself, Grow Your Career” on how to create your own value proposition. I encourage job seekers, as well as anyone looking to make the most of their professional potential to read Anne Marie’s books.

Lisa Maguire, Director, Credit Risk Management

Anne Marie presented a half day workshop to our senior management team at United Way of Western Connecticut. The workshop focused on how to best utilize LinkedIn and update our profiles to better reflect our individual expertise while highlighting the philanthropic and community work of our nonprofit. Anne Marie’s easygoing style made us all comfortable and unafraid to ask questions. She gave us valuable tips that will prove useful and conveyed the ways that LinkedIn can help promote our work at United Way. During the workshop and since each of us have tweaked our profiles based on Anne Marie’s suggestions. It was a great use of our time to have Anne Marie present and I would recommend her to any organization looking to refresh and improve their LinkedIn footprint.

Bridget Fox, Chief Impact Officer, United Way of Western CT

Thank you for all of your help with this, I never could have figured it out on my own!

Global Vice President

So I was able to sit down and read the LinkedIn summary you provided and holy cow, it is so amazing and I have no idea how you did that.  A few things we can chat about or I will redline and provide some comments, but WOW, thank you so much.

General Counsel

I started a new job this week—due in large part, I think, to the success that I had in sending out my resume after your incredible help with it.

I cannot overstate my gratitude.

– Law Firm Associate, Massachusetts

Anne Marie single-handedly improved my professional trajectory while re-inventing the way I communicated my accomplishments to the world. Most importantly, she provided empowering space in which I could better comprehend my unique past challenges, successes, and absolute future possibilities. Her approach is one of active listening and inquiry, culminating in superior work product and a much needed confidence boost. She is compassionate, empathetic, and truly cares about her clients and their desired outcomes. Also, it warms my heart that she speaks perfect Spanish! 

– Teresa M. Rodriguez, Hearing Officer and Attorney

Anne Marie is insightful and motivating, and a tremendous professional coach whether for job transitions or for marketing. While her skills span across multiple disciplines, she has particular insights into the legal market and its challenges and opportunities.  

– Gloria Skigen, Law Firm Partner

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