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GC Leadership Resources (includes external links)

Eight Core Qualities of Successful General Counsel and How to Achieve Them

Nine Ways to Accelerate Your Career Growth and Job Search as a Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel

Four Leadership Traits of High-Performing General Counsel (Women GCs Speak)

General Counsel and Other Lawyers as Business Partners: Building Vision, Capacity, Judgment and Leadership

Accelerating Your Job Search as a Junior Law Firm Associate Targeting In-House Counsel Roles

Young Women Lawyers: Get Respect


Modern Career Warriors @

The Modern Career Warriors Series

Catherine Sorbara: February 2020

Sandy Baggett: January 2020


Corporate Board Series @

Understanding How Corporate Boards Evaluate Prospective Board Members

Articulating Your Vision for a Corporate Board Role

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Non-Profit Board Membership: The Advantages and Realities

How Can You Be Pro-Active In a Reactive Job?

Key Moments to Raise Your Hand (And Volunteer for New Projects in Your Career)

Five Key Questions to Ask When Creating a Personal Advisory Board

Six Key Value Proposition Questions to Understand Your Personal ROI

Introverts + Networking:
My Own Story of Networking with (and Finally Meeting) Dorie Clark



Optimizing Your Transition Into a New Role: The 30/60/90 Day Plan

I Don’t Want a Coach. I Just Want a Job.

Befriend Your Inner Naysayer: It May Be Trying to Tell You Something

Ten Ways to Beat Your Procrastination

Successful Career Transition, Stage 1: Start with a Creative Mindset

Successful Career Transition, Stage 2: Vet Your Options

Old Dog, New Tricks: What Can You Change Before Year End?

What Do You Want Out of Life (and, by extension, your career)?

The 80/20 Rule for Faster and Better Results

Five Ways to Recover from Anxiety


Yoga Mantras for the Modern Career

February 2020: Take a Comfortable Seat (In Your Career)

January 2020: Set an Intention for the New Year


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The Three Basic Challenges in Any Career

Your Elevator Pitch: Who Are Your Clients and How Do You Serve Them?

Young Women & Interpersonal Cues:
Missing Them Can Undermine Your Career Advancement

Working On Your Career vs. In Your Career – What Is The Difference?

Inspiration and Time Management: Can the Two Ever Be Reconciled?

Where and How Do You Find Wonder and Inspiration? A Photo Essay

My Biggest Career Mistake: Sailing, Secretaries and Lime Green Pants


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Five Cures to Resume Writer’s Block

Three Types of Resumes that People Don’t Want to Read

Avoiding Resume Failure: Four Things Resumes Need to Do

Resume Writing? Sounds Easy. Until You Do It.

Immature Email Addresses Need Not Apply (Resume, Meet Trash Can)

Sending a Bad Cover Letter is Like Taking Your Date to the Drive-Thru


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Attorneys: Your LinkedIn Headline in 120 Characters or Less

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile: Free Resources on Strategy, Head Shots and Thought Leadership

“Good” LinkedIn Profile Pictures: What Do They Actually Look Like?

LinkedIn Profile Pictures: Do They Make You Want to Connect?

What Does Your LinkedIn Photo Say About You? Beyond “Looking Good,” What Story Are You Telling?

Nine LinkedIn Strategies: Which One Matches Your Goals?

Checklist for LinkedIn Headshots with a Professional Photographer

LinkedIn Profile Updates



Getting It Together: Organizing Your Job Search Leads

Breaking Out of a Suffocating Job Search

Three Things You Need to Get Right in an Executive Job Search

Guest Speaking at Lehman College and Why “Buy Low, Sell High” Also Works for Recruiting

Essential Job Search Tool: The Interview Debrief

What Your Interviewer Really Wants to Know

Interview Prep: Finding an Authentic Answer to the Weaknesses Question

Executive Interview Preparation: The Checklist

How to Prepare for a Second Interview: What’s Different than the First?


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The Ultimate Holiday Dilemma (Or, Practical Strategies for Better Decisionmaking)

Old Dog, New Tricks: What Can You Change Before Year End?

Achieving Gratitude in a Macho Work Environment

Why We Love (and Lament) Thanksgiving

Summer Vacations Make Us Stronger. Here’s Why.

Four Quick Tips for Controlling the Time Demon on Halloween
(Or Any Other Time of the Year)

A Career Coach on a Snow Day: Grit

Should You Really Start Something in the New Year?
(Hint: There’s Another, Sometimes Better, Option)

10 Weeks Until Year End – January is Coming!