Interview Prep – Book & Checklist

Most of my readers know that I have been busy “creating things” (and even started learning Italian) during the pandemic, but I have not posted anything new on this blog for quite a while! Time to start up again, and I am excited to do just that.

Since my last post, my coaching practice has shifted, but in other ways it has stayed the same.

One change, of course, is that I have continued to refine my approach over the last two years. Serving as the Facilitator for the PODER25 program of the Hispanic National Bar Association in 2020-2021 afforded me incredibly rich new insights, and more recently I have also been facilitating cohort programs of my own (such as this one).

Another happy development is that I have been humbly informed by a growing number of clients that they reached out to me as a coach on the basis of reading one or both of my books. A few have even held it up on the Zoom call to show me their flagged and dog-eared copies. What an amazing thing for an author to hear, and I am incredibly grateful!

Master the Interview, available on Amazon and other bookseller sites worldwide.

Among these and other changes (the pandemic included) since I published my first book – Master the Interview – in 2016, I have decided to release a second edition in early 2023. If you have anything you want to share with me about the book (and interviewing) in the meantime, feel free to reach out.

The Second Edition will include expanded discussions of:

  • Behavioral interviews
  • Compensation negotiations
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)
  • Interviewing for multinational corporations
  • Interviewing with a board of directors
  • And more!

Here’s a lovely image of Master the Interview making its way down the Rhine River in Switzerland, courtesy of a friend and former colleague who read it cover to cover.

In honor of the upcoming Second Edition and my restarting this blog, I am sharing my GC Interview Preparation Checklist (which is also very helpful for other C-Suite and senior roles):

Thanks all! More to come.

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