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About My Clients

As an executive coach and writer, I work with senior attorneys, executives and innovators to create an effective strategy for personal and professional growth, by facilitating:

  • Executive & Leadership Presence,
  • Impactful Communications, and
  • Graceful Transitions.

The majority of my current clients are C-Suite or other senior leaders, including current and former General Counsel and Board of Director candidates. I am passionate about and invested in the growth and transformation my clients achieve. 

Note: I do not generally work with recent graduates, except in limited circumstances. I can provide a referral, or you may wish to review my current webinars and workshops (click here) for options that may fit your needs.

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I can wholeheartedly endorse Anne Marie and her services. She was thorough and thoughtful, and she did a great job for me.
– General Counsel

I am personally indebted and recommend Anne Marie’s services unreservedly.
– Managing Director at International Financial Institution

I’m definitely satisfied with the quality of work and attention I received and happy where I ended up as a result of her coaching. 
– In-House Counsel who landed a role at Amazon

I started a new job this week—due in large part, I think, to the success that I had in sending out my resume after your incredible help with it. I cannot overstate my gratitude. 
– Law Firm Attorney

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Coaching and Writing Services

I work with individual clients in person and/or by Zoom or phone. Here are some areas we address:

  • Career visioning
  • Executive or Board presence
  • Job search methodology
  • Job search momentum
  • Personal value propositions
  • Interview prep and debrief
  • Networking and LinkedIn strategy
  • Leadership opportunities
  • 30/60/90-day planning
  • Annual review and self-advocacy
  • Reframing of negative situations


  • C-Suite, Board, executive, General Counsel and other resumes,
  • LinkedIn profiles,
  • professional bios, and
  • other career and business communications.

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Online Learning

My online learning website launched on August 6, 2019, and the first course is Powerful LinkedIn Profiles for Executives and Attorneys.

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Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak on any of the above topics in person and via webinar. Click here for some of my recent presentations and links to webinars.

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I have written two highly-recommended books to guide professionals in career development and transitions, specifically on the topics of interviewing and developing a personal value proposition.

Master the Interview: A Guide for Working Professionals

Interview Book w:text

It’s about time that someone took the time to go DEEP into the mechanics of effective interviewing.

– Michael F. Melcher, Author, The Creative Lawyer and host of the podcast, Meanwhile

Read more reviews and a synopsis of Master the Interview.

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career: The Value Proposition Workbook

PVP Book w:text

If you want to accelerate your next move (whether it’s up or off the ladder), use this book! Your career will thank you.

– J. Kelly Hoey, Author, Build Your Dream Network

Read more reviews and a preview of my new book, Know Yourself, Grow Your Career.


15 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

As a career coach and writer, I have 15 suggestions for a robust LinkedIn profile that creates a great first impression, drives traffic and bolsters your credibility in a job search or client pitch.

Read my top LinkedIn tips at Forbes.com.

Why You Need a Strategy Before Writing Your Resume

Many business leaders and others struggle to write a compelling resume, even those who make multimillion-dollar decisions on a daily or weekly basis.

It is not an easy task to sum up one’s professional life in a couple of pages, whether you have scores of accomplishments or relatively few. …[I]t can be difficult to step back from the buzz of activity to clarify one’s thoughts and translate them onto the page. Equally problematic is seeing oneself as a hiring manager would, taking an emotionally unattached view of one’s career. 

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10 Professional Hurdles that Sabotage Your Networking Efforts

Back in the day, you could put that aside, work hard and have a career for life. But that time has passed. In short, while “who you know, not what you know” has always been the ticket into the upper echelons, the need to network has rippled out to every single one of us. From CEO to student, we all need a strong base of support, not only to advance our careers but also to maintain the advances we have made.

So what if you are not great at networking? What then?

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Blog Posts

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About Anne Marie Segal

After 15 years as an attorney – including an AmLaw 100 firm, private equity/hedge fund, smaller entrepreneurial law firm and solo practice – I shifted gears and became an executive coach, author and resume writer. As you can imagine, the change was not made overnight. Like many of my clients, I transitioned after exploring and experimenting with different ideas until I found the right fit.

Read my career transition story.

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