Know Yourself, Grow Your Career

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career:
The Personal Value Proposition Workbook

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Kirkus Reviews:  The text does a fine job of explaining each subject, but its real strength is its focus on personalized interactivity. Almost every unit contains provocative self-assessment questions and worksheets while also offering appropriate guidance.

A highly useful manual that will be valuable to career coaches and motivated readers who are willing to do the work. 

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From the back cover: We all want our careers to be successful, but many of us struggle to define success for ourselves and to create careers that play to our strengths and meet our needs.

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career is a multi-unit workbook designed to help you clarify your strengths and professional priorities in light of current and potential roles to develop a personal value proposition for your career.  

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More Praise for Know Yourself, Grow Your Career

To grow our careers and find satisfaction in our workdays, we all need to articulate the value we hold and benefits we bring to employers and clients. With Know Yourself, Grow Your Career, Anne Marie has simplified the conversation around creating a personal value proposition. Her workbook will help you create a self-driven vision for your professional life.

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career includes thoughtful, targeted questions to elicit your skills, talents, interests, values and preferences. And Anne Marie explains how to employ your strengths and professional priorities to create your own career path, which may include a role that does not exist yet.

If you want to accelerate your next move (whether it’s up or off the ladder), use this book! Your career will thank you.

– J. Kelly Hoey, Author, Build Your Dream Network

If you want a career that is both personally meaningful and financially viable, you will work hard, defer gratification, and accept a certain number of tradeoffs. But that’s not enough. You will also need the courage to look within to understand who you really are, and you will need the honesty to examine what the world around you actually needs.

These are complex questions that are not easily answered, which explains in part why so few people are willing to go there. But if you are among the willing, Anne Marie Segal’s new book will be an invaluable resource to you on your journey. Her supportive but no-nonsense voice will guide you through the specific steps of figuring out who you are, identifying what value you bring to the world, and sharing all this in a way that will get you actual jobs. Be forewarned: this is a WORK book filled with tasks to do, not a set of career bromides to ponder. So roll up your sleeves, clear you head, and get started toward the life you actually want!

– Michael F. Melcher, Author, The Creative Lawyer and host of the podcast, Meanwhile

Know Yourself is a one-stop resource for anyone wanting to take charge of their career trajectory and do so from a place of integrity, authenticity and inner power. It guides the reader through every stage of the process with exactly the right questions and helpful examples. There are no false shortcuts here, but if you’re willing to put in the work, you will emerge with a clear roadmap to the best version of your professional life.

– Hyeon-Ju Rho, Leadership and Transition Coach

Anne Marie Segal does the nearly impossible with Know Yourself, Know Your Career. With masterful precision yet flexibility to enable each individual job seeker to deeply self-examine, she first draws job seekers through the soul search essential to developing a meaningful personal value proposition. Then, she helps them focus sometimes ethereal ideas into real-world terms, giving job seekers both the strategy and the technique to sell themselves professionally. I look forward to recommending this highly practical workbook to my clients.

– Amy L. Adler, MBA, Certified Master Resume Writer

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career is equal parts practical “how-to” resource and an inspirational read. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or seeking ways to better connect with the one that you currently have (or both), this book will help you get there. It is a road map for knowing, growing and sharing your worth that both illuminates a clear path and motivates you to begin traveling down it.

– Jeff Marootian, Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation  

Through Know Yourself, Anne Marie has formulated a personalized workbook that enables professionals to extract their inner talent to grow their career effectively. This book, which also includes Anne Marie’s leadership coaching value, will help professionals soar to new and exciting heights.

– Wendi M. Weiner, Esq., Attorney, Writer, Career Branding Expert and President-Elect of the National Résumé Writers Association

Know Yourself is an essential guidebook for anyone looking to transition in their careers but questioning where to turn or looking to leverage their current career trajectory. It is a unique mixture of reflective journaling and concrete action steps that leave the reader feeling confident and in command of their journey ahead. Many of us may want to take that next step in our career but hold back because of fear, our nagging inner critique and ambiguity about where and how to start. This book is your answer to all those objections.  

– Cathy Sorbara, COO of Cheeky Scientist and one of 70 women scientists participating in the groundbreaking Homeward Bound journey to Antarctica in 2018

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career addresses the all too often forgotten element of the value proposition in a candidate’s career search.  Understanding where we are in our careers and what we want next, and articulating those skills, strengths and experiences so we are well understood and thereby positioned to make the next great move in our careers, cannot be emphasized enough. 

I have often called the value proposition the spine of a career campaign.  Anne Marie Segal helps the individual job seeker turn this daunting task into manageable steps, resulting in a most satisfactory career!

– Linda M. Van Valkenburgh, Owner & Executive Coach, My Executive Career Coach, LLC

Our work lives occupy the lion’s share of our waking hours, whether you are an executive or someone just starting out.  Success and personal satisfaction in your work life substantially enriches your professional journey.  There are many factors that lead to professional success – hard work, the willingness to collaborate, maintaining a learning mindset – are just a few.

Yet just as important, if not more so, is self-knowledge and self-awareness.  Understanding ourselves and who we are has a powerful impact on how we approach the challenges and responsibilities that confront us and will be invaluable as we embrace or face work life transitions. With Anne Marie Segal’s newest book, Know Yourself, Grow Your Career, she walks the reader through the process of a self-assessment and reflection that is thoughtful, objective and designed to help each individual honestly build and better understand their personal value proposition.

The book is a wonderful tool for those taking on the challenge of identifying and embracing the right path to greater professional success and satisfaction.

– Catherine L. Reed, National Development Professional

Understanding, articulating and owning your value is critical to earning what you’re worth. But it can be an intimidating trek and most people aren’t sure where to begin. Or lack the objectivity to guide themselves through the process.

In Know Yourself, Grow Your Career, Anne Marie has done the heavy lifting by asking all the essential questions. Your answers to those questions equip you with the ability to confidently ask for — and get — the position and pay you want.

If you’re truly motivated to create a more rewarding future, this book is the map you need for your journey.

– Carolyn Herfurth, Activator. Accelerator. Adventurer.

Generosity lives at the core of this comprehensive guide. Anne Marie has shaped personal value proposition creation into a deeply meaningful process.   I will definitely keep this results oriented resource within arms reach and recommend it to my clients!

– Elena Deutsch, Leadership & Career Coach, Creator of WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law

In Anne Marie Segal’s first book, Master the Interview, she gave great advice on how to nail the interview. However, before you even get to the interview, you should know your value proposition.

Know Yourself, Grow Your Career: The Personal Value Proposition Workbook should be the first thing anyone does before revising or sending out their resume.   You need to know where you want to go with your career in order to get there.  If you don’t control your career path, before long your career path will control you.

Take this time to plan your career.  Don’t let time slip away. Get started immediately!

– Shari Davidson, Legal Recruiter and President, On Balance Search Consultants LLC

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