Coaching Themes


Welcome to Coaching

Granting yourself the privilege to active managing time, energy and resources to support your career – one of your greatest assets – is an invaluable investment.

Congratulations on taking this step.

Please choose from among the following themes to frame and guide coaching sessions, and we will also address more specific questions and any pressing concerns.

Coaching sessions generate the greatest career-building energy and sustainable value if they are limited to a few overarching themes to explore in depth (one or two per hour is a rough guide). If we are working together over several months, it may be helpful to devote each month to a few themes, execute on insights generated and create a habit of the strategies developed.

Goals for Our Engagement

The overarching goals of our engagement are to cultivate your awareness, vision and processes to increase your leadership and professional opportunities and create more emotional space, personal satisfaction and career success. In addition, you can further leverage the value of what we create together to:

– gain new knowledge and experience,

– exhibit greater versatility and flexibility,

– test new ideas to inform decision-making,

– expand networks and spheres of influence,

– enhance internal reputation and external marketability,

– increase self-advocacy to grow compensation, benefits and other returns, and

– create new habits that better serve preferred lifestyle and goals.

Vision and Branding

Career Visioning – Part 1: Hone your career vision, plans and expectations

Career Visioning – Part 2: Create and develop your wish list of top-10 target roles, internal assignments and/or organizations, assess and increase “fit” and connections

Personal Value Proposition: Craft, refine, update and perfect your delivery of written and spoken personal value propositions for multiple audiences

Executive or Board Presence

Executive or Board presence coaching may be held via teleconference (or in person, if feasible) to enable feedback on visual cues such as body language and eye contact.

Executive Presence: Increase and practice executive presence, negotiation and communication skills for presentations, interviewing (on both sides of the table), elevator pitch(es), managing up, team leadership and client and peer relationships

Interview Prep: Evaluate prior interviews to isolate any recurring stumbling blocks and tough topics, such as your reason(s) for leaving your current or last role, any experience or leadership gaps and compensation questions plus either of following (or both, in separate sessions at appropriate points in time):

EARLY STAGE: Prepare in advance for a “dream job,” Board vetting process or other opportunity that may arise at any moment

REAL-TIME PREP: Prepare for specific interviews by developing and executing likely scenarios and sticking points and receiving feedback on presentation style

CEO or Board Readiness: Creating a compelling Chief Executive or Board presence to signal readiness during the vetting process by strengthening your leadership narrative, personal branding and relevant accomplishments to demonstrate the requisite oversight, judgment and experience for target companies

Leadership, Networking and Professional Influence: Identify, vet and prioritize among internal and external opportunities to maximize effect without overtaxing time, energy and resources; strengthen networking connections; and (create an appropriate “ask” to) extend leadership opportunities and professional influence through various means, such as:

– internal and external leadership (from Board roles to team leadership)

– mentorship and sponsorship

– peer and client relationships

– industry and general business groups

– public speaking

– publications

– press opportunities

– interest-based groups

– skills-based volunteering

– conferences and other forums

Business, Networking and Professional Writing

Writing: Work collaboratively to create clean, concise and compelling writing and correspondence to internal teams, clients, job/networking contacts and others

Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

Annual Review (or Other Internal Self-Advocacy) Prep:

– Evaluate prior annual reviews (if any) and other substantive contacts with direct and senior management and/or the Board since your last review,

– Plan how and when to advocate for greater base salary, total compensation, equity ownership, work environment and/or benefits and prepare for upcoming performance-related meetings and other opportunities for self-advocacy, and

– Assess career performance against personal and organizational expectations, discuss performance reviews, 360 assessments and informal feedback, set targets and reframe challenges as growth opportunities

Experience and Leadership Gaps: Identify any experience or leadership gaps that are highly relevant to your target audience(s) and strategize how to fill them (covered briefly in interview or annual review prep above; can be a longer discussion)

Reframing: Resolve and reframe obstacles or negative career or employer events or situations to increase personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction (covered briefly in interview or annual review prep above; can be longer discussion)

Planning & Execution

Synthesis: Connect the dots and data points generated from research and any management, mentor, sponsor and peer meetings (and interviews, if applicable) to re-examine career options, re(de)fine goals, make decisions and clarify next steps

30/60/90-Day Planning: Create, revise and evaluate execution of 30/60/90-day plan for new job or Board position or (periodically) revitalization of current role

Optimization and Organization: Discuss modern methods to optimize job or Board search or self-advocacy for internal trajectory and create personalized, effective organization and time management system for networking leads and steps, multiple targeted resumes, interview debriefs and other notes and documents to conserve and channel time and energy, increase responsiveness in the moment (even while out of the office) and facilitate decision-making among multiple opportunities

Advanced LinkedIn: Explore and learn to leverage advanced functionality of LinkedIn