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LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful online platform today.

It’s like a global virtual theater, and we are both performers and audience.

Donna su palco folla microfono canta

So here’s the deal.

You are (probably) already on LinkedIn, so why not leverage it’s potential?

Start small.

Maybe one change a day.

As of March 22, 2019, we are at Tip #5.

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For students and new grads:

You may have seen Tip #4: someone who is currently unemployed should not brand themselves as “Seeking Next Opportunity.” You are greater than your current job (or lack thereof)!

It’s the same for students and new graduates.

Female with Now What Sign

Tell the world what they should know about you. What makes you the right person to meet, interview and hire? They already know you want a job! How can you get them excited about working with you?

You have up to 120 characters. Put the most important words at the beginning.

Accounting Major | Future CPA | Entrepreneurial | Fluent in Spanish | Two Internships

Motivated accounting student on the job market, open to new opportunities

The second one is not BAD, but it’s not optimum. Why settle for second best?

“Entrepreneurial” means, among other things, you think about growing the business and getting results, beyond the immediate tasks of a job.

If you use this or another phrase, be ready to talk about it and show examples of your accomplishments. They may be in the work context or outside of it. You may have found ways to earn money since you were 12, always launching one side business or another. (Car wash, babysitting, photography, proofreading, coding….) You may have been in charge of fundraising for a non-profit event and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Think of the stories you can tell and how they may show that you are right for the roles you are targeting.

Side question: as a new graduate, how can you gain more experience, which in turn can improve your profile? It doesn’t all have to be paid!


Even if you are unemployed (and feeling desperate for ANY job), don’t use “Actively seeking opportunities” or a similar phrase in your headline. People want hire someone who is sought after, not desperate. Look and speak the part in your LinkedIn presentation. 

If you were asked during an interview why you wanted the job, you wouldn’t say, “Well, I’m unemployed, so….” Think of LinkedIn as the first step in the process, and present yourself the same way you would in the interview room.

In short, indicate your value, not your needs. How can you describe yourself as a compelling candidate?

Unemployed man


For your LinkedIn headline, “Partner at ABC Inc.” shares very little. You could be a lawyer, architect or data scientist. 

Compound headlines can work well, such as “Vice President | Product Manager | Technology @ ABC.” 

Focus on what your audience (and the search algorithm) should know about you to find you a compelling contact or hire.


Check that you have your current email address (where you actually receive and read messages) and it is not a work email that may discourage people with opportunities from reaching out.

If you need or want to create a special email for LinkedIn for security reasons (or because your home email is not professional), do that and make sure to check it! Being available is a key step in the process of making connections.

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Have a great photo.

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