Reading List

This list has developed organically from my reading over time. These are just the tip of these iceberg on the resources available, but many are articles that I share widely with my clients and others, so I have gathered them here in one place.


Career Development

“Think Strategically About Your Career Development,” Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark

Leadership Presence

Simple Acts that Build Leadership Presence,” Fast Company, Gwen Moran

Time Management

How to Protect Your Time without Alienating Your Network,” Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark

Career Change

How to Stay Stuck in the Wrong Career,” by Herminia Ibarra, Harvard Business Review, Summer 2015 (republished from original publication in December 2002)

Seven Lessons about Career Change with Professor Herminia Ibarra (video)

This Skill Is Critical to Changing Careers: Here’s How to Practice It,” by Rachel Montanez, Forbes, February 2020

Job Search

My First 90 Days as a CIO,” CIO, David Gee

Breaking Out of a Suffocating Job Search,” LinkedIn Pulse, Anne Marie Segal

Master the Interview with Anne Marie Segal,” UChicago: The Resume Exchange Blog, Daniel Arking

How to Master the Art of Networking Follow Up,”, Darrah Brustein

Using the Open Candidates Feature on LinkedIn (Letting Recruiters Know You’re Available


Why You Need a Strategy Before Writing Your Resume,”, Anne Marie Segal

Things You Can Do to Prevent HR Screeners from Hitting Delete,”, Jeff Altman

Writing a Resume that Shouts ‘Hire Me’,” The Chicago Tribune, Phyllis Korkki

Research: How Subtle Class Clues Can Backfire on Your Resume,” Harvard Business Review, Lauren Rivera and András Tilcsik 

Win a Seat on the Board with a Great Resume,” Blue Steps Blog, Louise Garver

Presentation Skills

Four Ways to Capture Your Audience,”, Dorie Clark

Social Anxiety

How I Overcame My Need to Be Popular at Work,” The Ladders, Maria Granovsky

Change Management

The Six Steps to Turning Setbacks into Advantages,” The New York Times, Kristin Wong


Attorneys – General Counsel and In-House

So You Want to Be General Counsel? How to Maximize Your Chances,” ACC Docket, David M. Love III, Mark Roellig.

Eight Core Qualities of Successful General Counsel and How to Achieve Them,” Segal Coaching Blog, Anne Marie Segal.

Getting Traction with Your In-House Search: Start with Your Resume,” In-House Blog, Melissa A. Peters, Esq.

Do Lawyers Make Better CEO’s than MBAs?,” Harvard Business Review, by M. Todd Henderson

The General Counsel as Senior Leader: More than “Just a Lawyer,” Korn Ferry Institute, John Amer.

What GCs and CCOs Can Learn from Each Other,” Thomson Reuters, Thomas Kim.

An Open Letter to GCs and Law Firms,” ACC Docket, Daniel Desjardins.

General Counsel: Guardian and Conscience of the Company,” Forbes, Mark A. Cohen.

The Rise of the General Counsel,” Harvard Business Review, Ben W. Heineman, Jr.

General Counsel’s New Role: Business Strategist,” Forbes, Brian Jones.


Six dos and six don’ts of networking on Wall Street,” eFinancial Careers, Dan Butcher and Beecher Tuttle


10 Things Smart PhD’s Do NOT Put on Their Industry Résumés,” The Cheeky Scientist, Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D. 

Industry: Open for business,” Nature, Chris Woolston

The Scientist’s Conundrum: CV, Resume or Something In-Between?” Harvard University, FAS Office of Career Services, Laura Stark


Papa John’s Enlists Pollard Search Group to Find CMO,” LinkedIn Pulse, Scott A. Scanlon (about expanded role and qualifications for Chief Marketing Officers)


Tips to find your ‘meaningful job’ in the non-profit world,” The Kansas City Star, Diane Stafford



Do Things that Don’t Scale,” Paul Graham

Start-Up Roles and Responsibilities,” Alley Watch, George Deeb

What Does a Start-Up COO Actually Do?” Startup Grind, Andy Sparks
(more links at bottom of this article)

The Myth of the Startup COO,” Forbes, Brad Svrluga

Keith Rabois on the Role of a COO, How to Hire and Why Transparency Matters,”
First Round Review

Transition from Corporate

7 Reasons Your Salaried Job is Like Crack Cocaine,” Entrepreneur, Rick Bisio

Health and Other Adaptations

What It’s Really Like to Run a Business with a Chronic Illness,” Medium, Jo Gifford


Build Your Dream Network, J. Kelly Hoey

Stand Out, Dorie Clark

Cracking the Hidden Job Market: How to Find Opportunity in Any Economy, Donald Asher

Strategic Relationships at Work: Creating Your Circle of Mentors, Sponsors, and Peers for Success in Business and Life, Wendy Murphy, Ph.D. and Kathy E. Kram, Ph.D.

Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Purpose and Power, Kathy Caprino

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