LinkedIn Profile Updates

I have created this page to provide brief updates on significant changes to the form and content of LinkedIn profiles since late 2019. For articles and other information I have posted about LinkedIn, please visit The Library and scroll down to or search for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Featured Section (Attachments)
– Change in February 2020

LinkedIn has created a new “Featured Section,” which gives you a much greater ability to control what you post as attachments to your profile. For example, you can post more featured publications and posts than you could previously, reorder attachments and also embed LinkedIn posts or articles directly into the Featured Section.

Click here for the official word on that, or you can view my video below.

Summary Section Length Extended
– Change in Late 2019

LinkedIn has rolled out the ability to enter 2,600 characters to your LinkedIn summary, so 600 more than previously allowed. Many senior executives are still choosing to have a shorter profile, although in some cases the added characters are quite welcome. I have noted that in some cases you cannot add the additional characters from a handheld device but can only do so from your computer (otherwise the edits are blocked).

LinkedIn Open Candidates
– Change in Late 2019

LinkedIn continues to evolve in its approach to Open Candidates.

First, there is an ability to indicate more broadly (beyond recruiters) that you are open to a new role, which I generally discourage if you are currently employed as it can communicate a lack of discretion by becoming public on your profile. (Clients can certainly contact me with any questions, as sometimes there’s a compelling reason to use this feature.)

Second, in a prior iteration of Open Candidates, you could submit a 300-character blurb indicating your interests to recruiters. This has been removed.

Employment Type
 – Change in Late 2019

LinkedIn added an option to list employment type. There is no obligation to do so, however, so you can leave this blank if you prefer.

Employment Type on LinkedIn