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When might I seek out a coach?

Pivotal points in your life are generally the best time to engage a coach. When you wish to explore a new direction, accelerate your business or career, increase your confidence or credibility, make a transition, grow your connections or move the needle in other ways, any of these times are a great opportunity to start coaching.

What can I expect from working with you as my coach?

Among other things, as a coach I offer you breathing room, feedback, breakthroughs, shortcuts and support:

  • Breathing Room – While hurried conversations and distracted listening are often the norm in our daily lives, the hallmark of the coaching process is active listening. When you engage with a coach as an active listener, you enter into an expansive space in which to articulate your inner thoughts and lay claim to what you wish to create in your life, business or career.
  • Feedback– We brainstorm first, then we work on shaping those ideas and dreams into your intended reality. With your permission to be coached, I give you relevant, honest feedback. Equally important, you’ll have the time and space to receive it.
  • Breakthroughs– We rarely ask ourselves the tough questions that facilitate major breakthroughs. Sometimes, we don’t know what to ask. Powerful questions lead to insights and bring you the freedom to live your best life.
  • Shortcuts– Even minor tweaks to your strategy or direction can yield impactful results. Through coaching, we find ways to shortcut the learning curve so you can more effectively direct your energy and efforts.
  • Support – As your coach, I will support you through brainstorming, goal setting and taking action to achieve results. We can keep your momentum going – through deadlines, benchmarks, quarterly reviews or other accountability measures – to help you achieve your goals.

Whom do you coach?

I focus on attorneys, executives and entrepreneurs and work with other clients upon request.

I coach attorneys and executives on career development, transitions, advancement, the launch of a new law practice or business, and options for leaving the law or executive suite. Together, we think out of the box so you can determine and execute your next steps and long-term goals.

For entrepreneurs, I coach through the start-up phase, growth phase or both. A start-up client may need help organizing and executing the various roles and tasks needed to complete a successful launch. As a company grows, leaders benefit from coaching to stay focused on their designated priorities and see themselves through the new challenges they face, from looking for financing to assembling and managing a team of professionals. Coaching sessions provide a time and space to examine priorities and sticking points, away from the constant “fire drills” that accompany each day.

What should I look for when hiring a coach?

The first question is whether there is a good fit. Do you like the coach as an individual? Trust him or her as a professional? Will you feel inspired by working with the coach?

What do you bring to coaching?


I bring integrity, intuition, creativity, connectedness, grit and grounding to my coaching sessions. In particular, I can help you find your core, define your value proposition and lead from a place of strength.

In addition, my coaching leverages insights and industry knowledge gained from nearly 15 years of assisting and mentoring colleagues and clients (including many entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives) during my time as an attorney.

My coaching style blends active listening with gentle, straightforward feedback so my clients can create the change they seek in their lives.

What else should I know?

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or schedule a complimentary 15-minute strategy session.

Click here to read my coaching testimonials, and feel free to contact me for additional references.

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