Your LinkedIn Headline: What Should It Say in 120 Characters or Less?

You have 120 characters in your LinkedIn headline. (No, not 140. That’s Twitter.) 120 characters to sell yourself to the world. Yes, I said sell. LinkedIn is not where you find enlightenment. It is where you find clients, contacts or a job. If you are not already, you need to be crystal clear on the distinction,…

The 3 Basic Challenges in Any Career

At the heart of the matter, there are only three basic career challenges. How to get somewhere, how to leave somewhere and how to be somewhere.

Avoiding Résumé Failure: Four Things Résumés Need to Do

While a résumé cannot make your career, it can certainly break it. Résumés fail every day. They make a candidate look too scattered, too junior, too specialized or too much of any other trait that is undesirable in general or a particular case and not enough of what an employer actually does want. In the hundreds of résumés I read last year alone, I can say that the greatest point of failure is that the résumé writer did not step back and consider what he or she was trying to communicate.

Should You Really Start Something New in the New Year?

We are accustomed to think of the New Year as a time to start something new. New Year, new thing. It makes sense. Well, what if you took a step back and looked at the change of year not as a chance to do new things, but to bridge the old and the new? What if, instead…