Interview with Tom Johnson: Modern Career Warrior Series

THOMAS (TOM) JOHNSON is our Modern Career Warrior for March 2020. My interview with Tom spans his “two careers” at The Clorox Company, his current semi-retirement as a yoga instructor in Fairfield County, Connecticut and his ideas for the future.

In Tom’s early career days, he was constantly on guard about his identity and knew that he missed a lot of opportunities as a result. Upon being offered a plum ex-pat assignment in London, he finally decided it was time to tell his boss he was not a single guy (as many at the company assumed) but in a long-term, committed relationship with his partner, Bruce.

That was in 1995. There were no policies, playbooks or packages for same-sex couples, so Tom was treading new ground. Yet Clorox believed in him and came through for him. Tom stayed at the company another 22 years and became one of the leaders in the movement across Corporate America for greater diversity and acceptance of LGBTQ employees. This is his story.

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Safe Deposit Box: Best Place to Keep a Will?

A safe deposit box seems like the perfectly logical place to store a will and other estate planning documents. They are probably the most important documents we will ever have, so shouldn’t they be kept in the safest place? But is it a safety deposit box the best place? Or should you keep it in […]

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Formula and Disclaimer Bypass Trusts Explained

As you may know, unless Congress acts, as of January 1, 2013 the federal estate tax exemption amount is scheduled to drop from $5.12 million to $1 million, and the maximum tax rate will increase from 35% to 55%. In addition, New York and Connecticut each levy state estate taxes on estates over $1 million […]

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