2019 Annual Recap @ AnneMarieSegal.com

2019 Annual Recap @ AnneMarieSegal.com.png

April 2020, a few short months away, will mark my fifth anniversary as an executive coach. It is a similar milestone in my writing career, as my writing interests and output shifted dramatically as I moved from being a practicing lawyer to serving as a partner to attorneys and other professionals.

In honor of the New Year and my upcoming anniversary,

I am raising my game (again).

In 2020, I will continue to offer a thoughtful take on the topics that have generated 1,200+ loyal followers on this site and 900+ monthly newsletter recipients. I will also be launching some new series – on the modern career, executive presence, corporate board service, mindset reframing and other topics – which I am excited to share with you in the coming weeks and months!




My first step in envisioning topics for the upcoming series was to review what I have published to date. As I went through the articles on this site and others, I started to compose a list by topic. Here’s a link to some of my in-depth and most popular articles (click here or on image below):

Areas of Interest @ AnneMarieSegal.com


It certainly helps you look at your work in a whole new light when you conduct your own mid-career retrospective. Here are some highlights among that words that have accompanied my professional trajectory to date:


Eight Core Qualities of Successful General Counsel and How to Achieve Them

Young Women Lawyers: Get Respect


Optimizing Your Transition Into a New Role: The 30/60/90 Day Plan

The Ultimate Holiday Dilemma (Or, Practical Strategies for Better Decisionmaking)

Successful Career Transition, Stage 1: Start with a Creative Mindset


Three Types of Resumes that People Don’t Want to Read

Avoiding Resume Failure: Four Things Resumes Need to Do

“Good” LinkedIn Profile Pictures: What Do They Actually Look Like?


Getting It Together: Organizing Your Job Search Leads

What Your Interviewer Really Wants to Know

Interview Prep: Finding an Authentic Answer to the Weaknesses Question

For more articles, click here!

Looking back over what you have accomplished over a period of years, and what is yet undone, is both rewarding and humbling. It also helps you chart your course, as you see what you can build upon and what was simply an interesting experiment.


What about you?

What interesting experiments have you made in your career?

What can you build upon?

Feel free to leave a question or comment below.

Segal Coaching LLC will be closed until January 2, 2020.

See you back here in January! Until then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!


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Anne Marie Segal is an executive coach, resume writer and author of two well-received books on interviewing and career development. She served as a corporate attorney for 15 years, including roles at White & Case LLP and a prominent hedge and private equity fund manager, before launching her coaching practice. Based in Connecticut not far from New York City, Anne Marie partners with clients internationally on executive presence, impactful communications, graceful transitions and other aspects of professional and personal development. She also hosts an online learning site at Segal247.com.

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Author: Anne Marie Segal

ABOUT ANNE MARIE SEGAL Anne Marie Segal, founder of Segal Coaching LLC, is a career and leadership coach, author and resume writer who guides attorneys, executives and entrepreneurs through career transitions, advancement, job interview preparation, leadership development and personal branding. A former finance and hedge fund attorney, Anne Marie has presented to the United Nations (ICTY/MICT), University of Chicago, United Way, Association of Corporate Counsel and National Resume Writers Association, among other organizations. She has published two career-related books: Master the Interview: A Guide for Working Professionals and Know Yourself, Grow Your Career: The Value Proposition Workbook, written on career and resume topics as a Forbes Coaches Council member at Forbes.com and been quoted on CNBC.com, Monster.com and other media outlets. You can learn more at AnneMarieSegal.com or visit her LinkedIn profile at linkedin.com/in/annemariesegal.

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