Across the Private Sector: Strategic Leadership and the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered our work and home life patterns, many of my clients, colleagues and friends have compared this time to having two jobs at once. The term drinking from a firehose, describing the overwhelming flow of urgent matters, has come up more than once in conversation.

While the unprecedented situation has brought heightened pressure and stress, it also provides fertile ground for the disruption of outdated practices and patterns that no longer serve us. Here are some of examples of crisis leadership issues and decisions across a range of companies.

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Lessons from Hurricane Sandy: Business Continuity

As a business lawyer, I track not only the legal aspects of business but also how people live, breathe and think about their businesses. After Hurricane Sandy, business continuity is one issue that is, or should be, on the minds of all business owners. [Note: This post was written while I was a practicing attorney […]

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