Befriend Your Inner Naysayer: It May Be Trying to Tell You Something Worthwhile

SELF-SABOTAGE can happen at any the time. We try to create something important to us, whether it’s greater leadership or a deeper sense of calm, and we get in our own way. The internal naysayer takes the lead, and we convince ourselves that it’s easier to stick with what we have.

Except that it’s not easier. You feel the call to change because there’s a fundamental imbalance in your life. Something that’s not working anymore.

So how can you change the way you talk to yourself?

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Five Ways to Recover from Anxiety

Stress, panic, anxiety, sadness, fear…. Once in a while, we can become so overwhelmed by our thoughts, feelings and emotions that we can’t even think straight. Sometimes these emotions creep up over time. At other times, they pop up in reaction to an event, with no warning whatsoever.  There is no quick fix, but here are some […]

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Breaking Out of a Suffocating Job Search

Halloween friendly ghost costumes aside, let’s talk about facing some very real fears. Prospective clients sometimes ask if I can help them break out of a suffocating job search. They tell me that “everything they try” is not working. Nothing is working. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. How can I move forward? When we talk […]

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Successful Career Transition, Stage 2: Vet Your Options

Kristina has always secretly dreamed of owning a vineyard in France. She has other dreams, too. But this one just won’t go away. How can Kristina, from her windowless desk at a bank in New York City, figure out how to bring more of her dream life into her actual life? Exploration is the first stage of a successful career transition, […]

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Successful Career Transition, Stage 1: Start With a Creative Mindset

Marilyn hates her job. She has many ideas about where her next move and needs help sorting them out. Rob is stuck in a rut but he can hardly imagine doing anything else. Marilyn and Rob are in Stage 1 of the Career Transition Process and need to put some structure around their exploratory work.

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